Five Style Tips for Girls 5' and Under

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5 style tips for girls 5' and under

by Sumaiyah Ali

By Sumaiyah Ali

“How’s the view from down there?” 
“Do you need help reaching that?” 

 As a 5’0 college student, I’ve heard it all.  As much as I’ve gotten used to my short stature, one of the more annoying aspects of my height that I’ve had to deal with is finding clothes that fit me.  With a wardrobe filled with rolled up jeans and hemmed maxi skirts, I’ve acquired the right alteration techniques to find styles that work for me.   

Here are my top five style tips for petite girls: 

1. Shoes  

“Wear heels” they say, “They’re elegant, and it’ll make you appear taller”.  

Did you know that women were turned away at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet for wearing flats? Heels are one of my favorite fashion accessories, whether it be pumps or booties, whenever I put them I transform into a woman who feels as if I can take over the world, one click of a heel at a time.  

However, I believe that short girls do not have to be elevated a few inches off the ground just because that’s society’s solution for short girls. Flats can be just graceful and empowering, and much more comfortable for day-to-day life.  

2. High-Waist Pants 


Throwing it back to 80’s style, this fashion trend is perfect for girls who are more petite. Equipped with a tucked in blouse or a long cardigan, a high-waist pant will give the illusion of a taller figure as it makes your legs look longer. It also adds a chic twist to your wardrobe. 

3. Long Cardigans 


A modest girl’s best friend. This flowy fashion statement has made its way into trendy stores and I’m here for it.  My favorite trick is to find a full-length printed pullover cardigan and pair it with neutral pieces under it.  This will not only give an elegant feel to your look, but also make you appear taller. 

4. Maxi Dresses 


This is by far the trickiest style for shorter girls to pull off.  Growing up wearing dresses, my talented mother used to cut my maxi dresses to my height until I was old enough to try my hand at the sewing machine. Monochrome dresses are the best option if you want to appear taller, but I do have my favorite prints that I like to wear as well. Try to shop at stores that make dresses for petite heights, or hem the bottom to accommodate for your preferred length. 

5. Wear anything you want, as long as you wear it proudly. 


Embrace who you are. I struggled with my body image growing up, until one day it just clicked,this is who I am and I might as well start loving how I look. Whether or not you follow these tips, the most important thing to remember is to find a style that you’re comfortable with, and put your own unique twist on it.

Pray, Say & Slay Team