​How to Be a Successful Content Creator

 By Nasima A. 

So you want an influential presence online and you have so much to share. As a marketing graduate and someone who has been content creating personally and professionally, I have some advice that will get you started. Here are my 5 main points:  

1. What are you interested in? 

Image from moosleemargh.tumblr.com

It sounds obvious but actually you need to figure out what your specialty is because the content that you create is going to be the reason why people follow and engage with you in the first place. If you’re just ‘somewhat’ interested in makeup and then decide you want to be a beauty blogger, well, sorry to say that you might struggle because if you’re not passionate then it’ll show! 

2. Find your market 

Discover people who share a similar interest and lifestyle. Then listen to what they’re saying and posting. It should give you some ideas on what you should be posting about too. 

3. Find the right platform 

Once you’ve found your market, figuring out the best platform to use is important. Many people and organisations think that you should be on every single social media site in order to gain exposure and following. I’m here to debunk that theory 

If your content is more about imagery then use Instagram, if it involves more wordy posts then Facebook might be your best bet. There’s no point posting on Twitter if your target audience are all on Tumblr! However, having additional social media profiles can be used to enhance you main outlet and a way to engage with followers.  

4. Create content in advance 

It helps to plan your content in advance so that way you’ll always be consistent which will introduce new followers as well as retaining your existing ones. Come up with a schedule plan and make sure it’s reasonable enough for you to stick to it. Albeit, it’s easier said than done!  

5. Finally, engage with your followers

During my marketing course I heard a lot of lectures about the importance of engaging with customers. The same rule applies with an online following; essentially, they’re your customers. It’s not a one sided conversation, your followers want to feel like they can contribute something too. People dislike egotistical and neglectful behaviour and although it doesn’t hurt to build relationships, don’t feel pressured to reply to every little comment, find a balance. Engagement is how you gain like ability and loyalty - You may even build friendships!  

Pray, Say & Slay Team