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My girl power tells me that no dream is impossible and I can have anything I want even if the world and society says it’s not for me.
— Samera paz

Sukoon helps young girls around the world to improve their physical and mental health, self-esteem, academic achievement, and long-term economic and social standing.
— Arshiya Kherani, Founder & CEO of Sukoon Active

My religious values have encouraged me to expose modesty in the fashion world. It has made me realize that you can be a fashion blogger but at the same time uphold your values too and dress more modestly.
— Sagaleeya, Fashion Blogger

Being Muslim also means to speak against injustices. And that’s exactly how I portray my faith in poetry
— Maymuna Mohamed, Poet

Whether it’s in a cubicle, a pulpit, a courtroom, or a runway, Black women have excelled and there’s so much more we can do! It’s thinking of them that makes me want to fearlessly chase my dreams and trail blaze for another young Black woman!
— Nia Naomi Johnson, Fashion Blogger

I am growing into a woman that does not seek approval, and it feels wonderful.
— Hannah Sawyerr, Poet

Poetry is what helped me find my voice. It is my comfort zone, and as I perform I feel so free. Like some of the weight is lifted off of me
— Danielle horton, poet

My daughter has been a great source of my inspiration and it is for her sake that I wanted to mold a world where her beauty and her joie de vivre would be welcomed and celebrated.
— Anisa Amin, founder of MAZADolls

I was suddenly very aware that I was Egyptian/Arab/Muslim hyphen woman. And that was a pretty big aspect of why my comics stood out, some people were surprised I was even ‘allowed to draw.’
— Deena Mohamed, Comic Creator