Benefits of sharing your work on social media

Benefits of Sharing Your Work on Social Media

By Nasima A. 

If you’re starting out in the art world then you might highly benefit from social media - from exposure to a dedicated following, to finding ways of monetising your work.  

Here are my top incentives for starting up a social media presence for your work: 

1. Motivation and encouragement

Nothing feels better when people positively engage with your content whether it be likes, follows, comments or shares – it’s a great source of encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing! Knowing that there are people out there who appreciate your work will give you the drive to continue and become better. 

2. Gathering an audience

Gradually you begin to accumulate a following, your audience. Having content such as a written piece, YouTube video or an illustration is all good but if there isn’t anyone around to see it then it’s a disservice to yourself. Unless you make content for your own pleasure then that’s OK! However, having an audience enables you to create discussions and get to know others which will hopefully add value to what you’re doing. 

3. Monetising your work

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, you most definitely can make an income out of your hobbies! Now that you have your audience it will be more realistic to start selling your work or having some merchandise made. Making yourself known on social media will greatly increase your chances of achieving sales. Read my article: ‘Monetising You Artwork’ for more information and tips on how to sell online.  

4. Self-progression timeline

Having a continuous flow of content will automatically document how much you’ve progressed. It’s quite gratifying to be able to scroll down your social media timeline and to see how far you’ve become. Social media is an easy way to monitor your progression and to appreciate all your achievements. 

5. More opportunities  

Getting your name or your work out there can bring about new opportunities. It could be a collaboration, commission, getting yourself featured – you never know what prospects could be out there for you just by promoting yourself online!  

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