How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

How to style palazzo pants

by Aisha M-Williams


Wide leg pants (Palazzo) are an all-season staple, dating back to as early as the 1930s where it was ‘pajama style’ and often used by Hollywood stars as a lounge-wear. The pants were born as a result of changing perspective on women’s wear.

The recent advent of modest fashion has made these pants highly available as they come in different fabrics, colours and prints to suit your individual style.


A breezy wide legged pants paired with this super comfy sweater and babouche-style slip on makes this outfit perfect for this time of the year, the transition into fall as you still get relish the last few days of summer without compromising on the chilly weather. Aside being comfy, this outfit is also really suitable for early days back at college/university as the fabrics allows for easy movement (think of those super-fast walks to 9:00am lectures)

editors note: notice how the outfit is styled with simple accessories which does not take away from the focus of the pants, but adds just enough to make a chic flare.


Made for long city walks, this outfit is ideal for days out with the girls, Breakfast, brunch, lunch…whichever you fancy as long as the shopping trip is not excluded. I mean it is a day out with the girls, you have to bond over some guilty indulgence.


As easy and smart as it can be. Going for a semi-formal interview, where you do not want to look too suited up and definitely not like you are going over to your friend’s for a sleepover? Pair a wide-leg pants with a sleeveless loose blazer and some pointed slip-on's for an easy, smart but ‘I did not try hard’ look.

Pray, Say & Slay Team