Spotlight On: Nia Naomi Johnson

     Inspiration comes at every stage of life to everyone and anyone, and Nia Naomi Johnson is a perfect example. She’s a 17 year old, African American, who fell in love with fashion at the age of seven, and has been rocking the streets with her fashion ever since. Her main goal is to become a designer, but for her to get started in the fashion community, she created her uber chic, blog which you can find at

In her recent interview she indulged to us about where her encouragement comes from;

“The encouragement has come from watching so many great women before me achieve things that others would say that they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do. I received my first sketch pads, (at age 7) I  was so into magazines, modeling, and the creation process that from that point I believed that one day my appeal would be in them. My main goal is to be a designer but, in order to move in that direction, and being strong in the fashion industry, I took up blogging as my opportunity to learn more and market myself as a style savvy enthusiast of sorts.”

Again and again Nia shows us how fierce she is, with who she is as a person, as well as in her fashion taste. In our society today depending on what race, sex, and ethnicity you are can influence the type of opportunities you are given in life. Through this Nia’s fierceness and determination to succeed has made her a force to be reckoned with:

“Many would say that being a Black woman makes you a double minority, which is true, but I only use that as motivation to chase after my dreams relentlessly. It’s a place of strength. Here are so many successful Black women in many different fields. Whether it’s in a cubicle, a pulpit, a courtroom, or a runway, Black women have excelled and there's so much more we can do! It’s thinking of them that makes me want to fearlessly chase my dreams and trail blaze for another young Black woman!”

She tells us more about the struggles of being a woman of color in her field,

“The hardest parts of being a woman of color chasing this dream is fighting through negativity, being uncomfortable, and doubt. I’ve learned that you can not compare your journey to others. So finding that thing that makes you authentic will carry you!  For myself it's been a recurrence of me reminding myself of my purpose and how to stay focused. It's all about growth, taking chances, and keeping your purpose at the forefront. It's all a learning experience-getting to the other side of what I deem successful for my future.”

She continued on to explain that her strength doesn’t come just from her ethnicity, but that she also gets immense strength from her faith in God.

“My Faith background has inspired and encouraged and has helped me shape my identity and develop my values. I’ve grown up in a Christian household with parents and family members who are in ministry as pastors, theologians, and leaders. However, becoming a Christian was my choice. Experiencing the love of Christ for myself was such a beautiful experience, and I intend on sharing it with others through my chosen profession.” she boasts emphatically.

Her top inspirations are Solange Knowles, Anna Sui, and CoCo and Breezy, for their style, ambition, and fearlessness! Her favorite designer right now is Duro Olowu, and she defines her style as “eclectic and classy”. Nia also told us that her items to staying so fierce this season has been lipstick in Truffle Tease by Maybelline, a black hat, a bright scarf that adds a pop of color, and a handbag!

We know we’re super excited to see what else this beautiful woman has to offer.

You can keep up with Nia through all of her social media at ONLYNIANAOMI and her blog: