Modest Girl's Guide to: Jalabiya

Modest Girls Guide tto: jalabiya


by Aisha M-Williams


“Jalabiya - The Jalabiya   (Arabic الجلابية) is a traditional Arab garment worn by both males and females. The male version, a simple robe, is also variously called thawb, thobe and dishdasha (inthe Levant) and Kandura in the United Arabic Emirates. The details of the garment - sleeve length, distance from the floor etc. may vary.” 

Editors Note: Pray, Say & Slay has a strong stance against cultural appropriation please do not use this article as inspiration to wear clothes that do not have cultural or religious significance to you. Thank you!

Once Upon a time, I managed to get a couple of these Jalabiyas from my dear father. If you share the love for men’s clothing then you will understand, besides it is fun putting a different spin on certain outfits. Now this is a dress that can easily be worn in its most traditional form, loose and easy as an outer garment and while that of the females may come with different shimmers and shimmies. The same cannot be said for the men’s as they are usually adorned with quite subtle embroideries. However, as I am not a big fan of shimmers and shimmies, this sits quite well with me. Enough of the ramble and let’s get on to the outfit styling, shall we? I teamed up with my sister for this. 

2016-11-20 10.32.50 1.jpg

Editors Note: Notice how Aisha and her sister used scarves to bring in their waists, giving a feminine flare to the garment and giving it a new shape. 

2016-11-20 10.32.51 1.jpg

Editors Note: Also, their two styles still incorporate a sense of simplicity while wearing the garment two different ways, nothing about how they styled the outfit makes it seem like they're wearing too much. Their styles is pleasing to the eye while still remaining diverse. Aisha (on the left) is wearing a solid color hijab (scarf) but brings a pop of modern style to the elegant outfit with her purse. Her sister (on the right) wears a colorful hijab (scarf) but keeps it simple with her purse and turtleneck sweater underneath her jalabiya.

Pray, Say & Slay Team