#MuslimSquadWL: Representing Muslims in Fiction

In case you missed or, want to relive the magic. Last night Twitter erupted with the hashtag #MuslimSquadWL

We here at Pray, Say & Slay talked with the people are Muslim Squad about the hashtag, they told us,

"The WL stands for Wishlist! It was inspired by the #MSWL (Manuscript Wishlist) and #RBWL (Reader-Blogger Wishlist) wishlist hashtags. #MSWL has an associated website, which I believe is http://ManuscriptWishList.com  "

"MSWL is specifically geared toward agents and editors sharing the stories they'd like to see in their inbox, while RBWL was inspired by MSWL and is for readers. In that context, I guess what we did would be closer to RBWL. It wasn't a pitch party per se. It was meant for us to share ideas we want to see from our own Muslim voices."

And the Twitter community did not hesitate to share their ideas!

Although the hashtag wasn't trending, it was an obvious necessity as people took a lot of time out to thank the Muslim Squad for the idea. 

The space for Muslims in the world of fantastic stories is wide open, and we appreciate the Muslim Squad for setting up the dialogue. To make sure you don't miss the next #MuslimSquadWL or, for more about the Muslim Squad, follow them on Twitter @themuslimsquad or check out their website. 

Pray, Say & Slay Team