Fall Fashion from Forever 21

Fall fashion from forever 21

by Sadiyah Bashir


If you’ve ever worked retail then you know, there will come a time where you stare at yourself in the mirror and think… “I’m wearing head-to-toe *insert store where you work*” if you’re like me, you’ll be a little disappointed, then laugh about it with your co-workers. But, if you’re also like me, you’ll find the silver lining. My silver lining is this blog, I noticed a good percentage of my wardrobe consists of Forever 21. So, I decided to base my fall fashion lookbook on some of my favorite clothes from the store.

Fall fashion to me can be broken down into two parts, cozy and layering. The two can come together but, I tried for this blog to keep them separate.


Cozy for me really consists of items like, poncho’s, shawls, leggings, and jackets I never have to open. I paired this outfit with Forever 21’s $7.90 black jeans, some chunky heels to bring out the black and white in the poncho. I also wore the heels to give me some height, as the poncho comes below my knees which shortens my already small torso. I would wear this on a cold girls day out, with hoops and rings are also from Forever 21. 


This was one of my first times layering like this, I joined two vests together and completely love the look I came up with. The black vest I have underneath is actually from the Forever 21 Plus Size line, I got it in a 0x which translates into an X-Large. The black vests brings a simple sophisticated look, while pairing it with the fur vest brings a touch of something extra. The fur vest is really my statement piece so I made sure my lip color matched the vest, to bring out the burgundy color. I also layered my necklaces as well both are from Forever 21, (one is a choker) I didn't want to draw too much attention away from the vest but, bring in pieces that incorporate an edgy side. The Chelsea boots are not from Forever 21 but they do give me some height for such a long vest.

vest 2.jpg

Spotlight Blogger:

A friend of mine, Anmol Azhar also did a blog on fall fashion with Forever 21 on her blog http://www.preciousmodesty.com/ she included both comfy and layering in her look. And you can read more about how she styled it on her blog.

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