Making Your Closet a Charitable One, All Year Round

Making Your Closet a Charitable One, All Year Round

By Sadiyah Bashir

Challenge accepted! Spring cleaning is a huge topic in my house, and the first place I always go to is my closet. Clearing out all the old, out of style, too small or never worn clothes is very cathartic for a fashionista like me. Plus, spring time cleaning allows for summertime shopping! My mother always taught me to give and give from the heart, so giving away clothes has always been a big part of my life. I also learned very young that clothing, style etc. really can change moods and be therapeutic in many different ways so, we gave not only because people needed clothes, but because it could also make them feel better as well. Since I was young, boxes and trash bags full of clothes would go from our closets to our laundry room for cleaning to community donations at the local masjid (mosque), thrift stores, the Salvation Army, you name it! I also learned tips that would make sure I never looked back or regretted what it was that I gave away. So here are some tips to make sure your wardrobe remains charitable, all year round.

‘The seasons are transitioning…’

In Spring, you’re just coming out of the cold of winter, and in fall you’re leaving the warmth of summer. So, once you’ve realized the leaves are getting a little brown or the snow is gone, it's time to hit your closet! While you change your wardrobe from one season to another, pick up all the things you haven’t worn first. And BE PRACTICAL! Think ‘how many things can I wear this with?’ For me, the minimum is 3. If I can use an item for 3 outfits, then it stays in my closet, if not, it goes in a box.

‘Uh, when’s the last time I wore this?’

Items that you’ve worn here and there are the middle level of the test of giving away from your closet. You aren’t really sure if you want to keep it but you could end up buying something that goes so perfectly with it! Well again, be practical, think of the last time you’ve worn it. If you can’t even remember, it probably should go. Odds are, if you haven’t bought that perfect item for it, you’re probably never going to and it's just going to collect dust in your closet. However, if you can remember the last time you’ve worn it and want to wear it again possibly, be honest with yourself, is it really a staple in your closet? Is it something you HAVE to keep? Does your favorite shoes match with it? If not, let it go!

‘I’d marry this piece of clothing if I could.’

Just as you want clothing that makes you look and feel good, so does everyone else. So when giving, you don’t have to give your favorite or most important items but they should look presentable, (you should clean them before handing them someone else). Once you’ve gotten your pile together, hit the laundromat and wash it and dry it. If it’s dry clean only… DRY CLEAN IT THEN! No one should feel as though they received your sloppy seconds, and treating them like that isn’t ‘giving’ it’s dumping your crap!

‘This should probably just go in the trash...’

Honestly, give from the heart. What you give to charity says a lot about you. Do not give items that have holes in them or are horribly damaged. Just because it may go to people less fortunate, doesn’t mean they aren’t people and deserve to be respected as such. Items that are damaged to the point of no return can go safely into the trash or if you’re really cool, you’ll find some neat way to DIY it into something else!

Pray, Say & Slay Team