How to Declutter your Wardrobe

How to Declutter your wardrobe

by Aisha M-Williams


So, we have all been at that point where our wardrobes are filled with piles and piles of clothes but somehow we are unable to pick out a decent top from all that mass of clothing. Nope, that might not necessarily be an excuse to go shopping like no, all you will end up with is even more piles of clothing and more days of nothing to wear. Now, here are several reasons why I think this happens and I am pretty we are all guilty of one, two or even all nine of these. 

1. One in, one-out

This is a rule I have found to be really effective, with the addition of any new clothing item to my wardrobe, an old item has to say goodbye and make its way out. It may be an exact replacement, a similar style or a random cloth but something needs to go. This rule is especially useful for constant decluttering rather than the once in a while ‘spring cleaning’ ‘clear-out’ 

2. No Sentiments

Now this is one I really like, probably because I am not big on sentiments. You see that top you wore on the first day of college, no, it doesn’t need to stick around for any much longer, no, there was no good luck about that top that made you get your first job, that was just hard work. Now that we’ve established that fact, can we get the top out of your wardrobe….and life? 

3. Washed out

Yes, we all have that dress that pretty much fits everything, can be dressed up, dressed down, dressed everywhere but hmm it might have reached its wash spin threshold and is looking a bit faded, I mean it was bought as a black dress but now it is looking green/grey…. yep, it is definitely time to let go! 

4. 6 months’ rule

I’ll probably wear that tomorrow…or next. Hmmm, its being in your wardrobe for 6 months and more now (this does not include occasion wears). Let us be honest, the reason you are yet to wear it will most likely be there ‘tomorrow… Or next’ so do yourself a favour and get it out of your wardrobe. 

5. Fits Style

‘Uhhhh see that skirt with frills, tassels, shimmers, pomp and pageantry. I should get that, somehow I’ll make it work’ Even though deep down you know you can’t especially if you’re like me and pretty much sticks to a certain style (Note to self: Experiment more). No, do not buy it because we all know where it is going to end up… among the endless piles of unwearable clothes and frustrated mornings. 

6. Colour code/Cloth type code

This is probably my best tip for having a clear and decluttered wardrobe and life (to be honest, a frustrated morning doesn’t always lead to an amazing day) People either choose to colour code or cloth code but I manage to do both. 

Yeah, superwoman! Haha I wear a lot of basic clothes and colours. I’m talking black, navy blue, black, white, black, grey and black so arranging cannot get any easier. If you are big on colours, the easiest way to colour code will be to arrange in a gradient form, so probably start with reds and lead into oranges and then yellows or blue into teal and then mint green etc. And for cloth coding, I find it easiest to start from short to long. So short jackets, then shirts, longer tops, trousers/skirt, dresses, coats etc. This technique honestly makes it 100x easier to sort through your clothes I promise. 

7. Keep arranged

We all know how important this is. An arranged wardrobe = an arranged life. Those Sunday evenings you spend wondering where the weekend flew to and contemplating how to begin life on Monday can be spent arranging your wardrobe, you know colour coding and all, it is fun! And should get you looking forward to the next week… Ookayy maybe not. 

8. Seasonal clothes out

Except you’ve got a MASSIVE wardrobe and load of spaces, your long summer dress should not be in constant a fight for space with long coats (the coats will obviously win haha). Arrange clothing according to seasons. Summertime- Say goodbye to the coats and jumpers. Wintertime- Welcome them back into your life again. This way it is easier to see wearable clothes each day.  

9. Try out in store

Okay, I am GUILTY of this! Do not let that longgg line discourage you from trying out items in stores fitting rooms before swiping your card at the till.Let me give you a breakdown of what is likely to happen- You take your hippy-happy self to the till, buy a couple of clothes that ‘should fit’ anyway, on getting home and trying them on, it comes out looking weird/too big/tight whatever the case may be, so you put them back in the bag to return later never, after all store XYZ has a 28-day return policy, that bag slowly gets bounced around your room till the receipt gets missing or you suddenly realise it’s been two months. And now you add it to your existing wardrobe of unwearable clothes. Haha look how you played yourself! 

Pray, Say & Slay Team