Tips to Improve Your Abayah Game

By Mariam Abdou

My love for wearing abayah has grown over the years, being the center for most of my outfit inspirations as fancy trends come and go.


Aba·yah: A long gown including long sleeves, typically black, of a silky material. Mostly worn by Muslim women. 

Often at times, I used to think that wearing abayah or dressing in more of a modest way limited the styles I could rock or even think about wearing. I along with many others viewed abayah as a one way outfit, often being dark and boring, or something our parents just forced us to wear.


com·fy: An extreme casual usually worn in occasions like, quick store runs or, when you expect to be on your feet all day. 

Comfy items include: sweatpants and sweatshirt, sneakers, and anything oversized.  

As I grew older only did I realize that dressing this way not only was a blessing in disguise, but a statement to the world as well. A way of me telling you that yes, I am a Muslim woman... a proud one at that, who doesn't need to dress in a way that appears more common in the modern west, rather can be able to represent my religion and still slay with my outfits at the same time.


ca·su·al: clothes or shoes suitable for everyday wear rather than formal occasions. Note: Casual items can be dressed up or down to suit most styles.

Casual item include: Flannel, jeans, minimal accessories etc.


street·wear: Also known as urban or, Black fashion. Streetwear is a combination of elements from various urban cultures.

Streetwear items include: Basketball caps, graphic t-shirts, sports jersey's, bucket hats etc.

There are so many ways to slay while wearing hijab and abayah, and yet still keeping up with all the latest fashion trends!

girl's night out

girls·night·out: a semi-formal occasion where you dress to impress but, also comfortable enough to spend the night out without being irritated with what you're wearing

Girl's night out items include: Statement necklaces, clutches, heels etc.

I learned that fashion should never be the means of compromising ones faith. Islam and fashion can go hands and hand with each other. It's all about the person and what unique ideas they can add to their sense of style. 

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Pray, Say & Slay Team